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Enhanced Performance, Innovative Components (EPIC) Exclusively By MAINGEAR EPIC Research Labs

In addition, the Potenza employs MAINGEAR's EPIC 120 closed loop liquid cooling solution. The EPIC 120 features CoolIT's patented micro-fin cold-plate, removing heat from the CPU in an efficient manner, fed by the cold air intake of the Potenza's side intake, where it doesn't receive the warmer, ambient internal heat. Instead it is fed a constant supply of cooler external air. And there's no fuss with refilling liquid or maintenance of any kind. Just 50,000 hours MTBF of extraordinary performance.

But we didn't stop there when it came to cooling performance. To further the efficiency of our cooling technologies, we introduced our EPIC T1000 phase change metal alloy thermal interface material. The EPIC T1000 was designed to fill any micro-asperities in the CPU lid or cold plate in a way that no traditional paste can, resulting in the lowest resistance heat path of any thermal interface product on the market, delivering higher overclocks and lower temperatures. Learn more about the EPIC T1000

Compact 450W Powerhouse PSU

The Potenza is powered by the only gaming SFX PSU on the market, the Silverstone ST45SF, an 80 Plus Bronze power supply capable of powering a GeForce GTX 680, NVIDIA's flagship GPU that is capable of three-screen gaming. Combined with a powerful 3rd Generation Intel Core processor overclocked and watercooled, and you have the most enticing small form factor computer on the market.
The World's First Mini-ITX Gaming System Designed For Overclocking

Never before has a Mini-ITX gaming system been built with such performance in mind. The Potenza Super Stock is outfitted with a 10-phase Digital Power Design, surpassing many full-sized ATX motherboard designs and making it a formidable overclocking system. DIGI+ VRM technology from Asus provides precise Vcore PWM and frequency module adjustments with minimal power loss. ASUS DIGI+ VRM digital power design empowers users with superior flexibility and perfect precision to ensure optimized performance, extreme system stability, and greater power efficiency.

A single Silverstone AP141 Air Penetrator fan provides cooling for the EPIC 120 radiator, and due to its larger size, delivers cool air to the GPU as well. This single fan design not only delivers on the cooling side, but makes the system whisper quiet when you're surfing the net or getting some work done.
tiny and mighty.

All together, the Potenza is 76% smaller than the SHIFT, and an astounding 46% smaller than the completely redesigned F131. With a footprint of 7.4" x 9.25", the Potenza is remarkably versatile in its positioning on, in, or under your desk. And with the same 360 degree clean aesthetics as its older brothers the SHIFT and the F131, the Potenza looks great from any angle.
VRTX Cooling Technology

Harnessing the natural tendency of hot air to rise but orienting major heat generating components like the graphics card so that exhaust happens at the top of the chassis, and cold air intake exists at the bottom. First pioneered in the SHIFT, which won a CES 2011 Design and Innovations award for its category-busting design, MAINGEAR has taken the same principles and applied it to the Potenza.


Featuring the very best from Intel and AMD, the Potenza always features the latest processing technologies. Choose from Intel's brand new third generation Core i7 3770K with 22nm TriGate 3D transistors. Featuring incredibly fast peripheral controllers such as native SATA 6G, USB 3.0, and Gigabit networking. And for an excellent entry level gaming system, AMD's A8 series of APUs integrate power Radeon stream processors for DX11 goodness.

pixel tapestry

The heart of a MAINGEAR everyday super computer is the GPU. While the CPU tends to get the spotlight at first blush, those of us who design dream PCs know that a good graphics processor is the key to a mind-blowing PC experience. From 3D graphics (in real 3D with technology like NVIDIA's 3D Vision Surround) to GPU accelerated video transcoding, the highly parallel nature of the GPU is being leveraged more and more by modern operating systems and programs. We proudly feature the very best from NVIDIA and AMD, with more than enough intelligent design to keep them cool and quiet. So go ahead, load up on GPU horsepower and crank the settings to 11. Play on a 30" monitor, or three, or in 3D, and experience what truly
all your stuff quickly ACCESSIBLE

With support for up to an SSD OS drive, mSATA caching drive, and a large mechanical drive, the Potenza offers the latest of every kind of storage technologies. With options for fast, cutting edge SATA 6G hard drives, 10,000rpm mechanical drives, or even inexpensive caching SSDs, the Potenza can also be configured with RAID options for speed, data protection, or a combination of both. We offer you limitless ways to customize how you want to store and keep your data.
Premium Memory – Not So Commoditized

At MAINGEAR we believe that anywhere we can increase performance we are creating a force multiplier. Taken together, these force multipliers add up to a custom PC experience that truly exceeds that of the boring, bloated commodity PC so commonly found on the store shelves. So that means that we employ premium memory solutions from the very best in the industry. Corsair is one of those brands, and they offer high frequency, low-latency memory that stands the test of time and delivers performance and reliability in a way that we demand of in our systems.

Large, multi-national computer manufacturers have commoditized the PC market by subsidizing their products with the installation of intrusive, third party software. They are paid to do this. This software bogs down your system and prevents it from running at its highest potential. It also has the tendency to make your system unstable or may conflict with software you wish to install. All MAINGEAR systems eschews these tactics as we believe that YOU are the customer, not a third party software provider. We build purebred PCs designed for performance and reliability, not billboards and advertisments.