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Every Feature Under the Sun, and More!

Just because the Potenza is small doesn't mean it's a lightweight when it comes to performance. The world's first mini-ITX gaming PC designed for overclocking, the Potenza features a 10-phase digital power configuration for overclocking abilities that rival and surpass most desktop motherboards.

With support for full-sized, 10-inch graphics cards, the Potenza can even be upgraded to flagship graphics cards like the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. And its VRTX Cooling Technology design keeps it cool and quiet.

The Potenza Super Stock Z77 also features onboard 802.11n Wireless and Bluetooth and ASUS Wi-Fi Go!, enabling the following features:

• WiFi hotspot – the Potenza Super Stock can act as a wireless hotspot for your tablet, smart phone, laptop, or other desktops in the house

• Smartphone and tablet control – get remote desktop support by downloading an app to your smartphone or tablet, or control your Potenza Super Stock with your smartphone or tablet set up as a remote keyboard and mouse

• DNLA streaming – enjoy HD content, music, and photos from the PC on your DNLA devices via Wi-Fi connectivity, seamlessly playing from one to another with smartphone or tablet control

• Easy file and screenshot transfers – send and share files between your PC and smart devices with only a right click on the mouse and capture and send screen shots directly by pressing a hotkey

The Potenza Super Stock also features USB 3.0 and eSATA for fast external device access, and USB 3.0 Boost for UASP support and up to 170% increase in data transfer.
Easily Satisfied With The Very Best

At MAINGEAR we sell many different types of systems to many different types of people. We started by catering to the hardcore enthusiast/gaming crowd, but eventually we began to draw people from all walks of life with our message of quality and customer service. So we've begun to offer systems that fit those types of people. Some of them don't need powerful graphics or power supplies. Some may be on a budget but don't want outsourced technical support.
If you're a Super Stock customer you don't fit into those categories. You're not put off by sticker shock, because, yes, 2-way SLI and Extreme Edition processors do cost as much as a small car, but whatever it takes to play in 3D on three screens while simultaneously encoding video for your tablet and downloading 103 different things off the internet is what you want.
The MAINGEAR Super Stock program sets the luxury standard in the boutique industry by choosing default components that we would pick for ourselves, giving you the best out of box performance without compromise. There are still plenty of upgrade options in the Super Stock lineup, but we trim the parts that we feel don't truly exemplify the top tier of performance that we can deliver and we know the enthusiast would want.
Everything We Think You'd Want – Because We Want It Too

A MAINGEAR Super Stock system has been decked out with default hardware that we feel an enthusiast would want out of the box. Who should choose a Super Stock system? Those who put performance instead of price at the top of their want list when looking for a PC. Gamers and professionals on a budget still get a lot out of our Stock systems, but with Super Stock you're guaranteed the following:
• Watercooling standard
• Faster and lower latency memory standard
• Primary SSD or SSD caching for faster system response standard
• Faster GPU selection by default with more and faster GPU options to choose from
• More chassis modification options
• Free MAINGEAR Redline overclocking
• Free 3 year warranty
redline or flatline

What's MAINGEAR's Redline Overclocking Service? Processors from Intel and AMD don't always run at their highest performance potential. In order to run at higher speeds, those processors would consume more power and give off more heat. By limiting their operating frequency, they can keep power consumption and thermal performance in check. That way they can sell the processors to the boring, bloated, commodity PC manufacturers who then stick them into chassis with poor airflow and unreliable power supplies.
At MAINGEAR we don't have either of those problems so we crank it to 11, so to speak. Specifically designed processors from Intel like the unlocked "K" SKU or Extreme Edition have been created for enthusiasts like us to push beyond their rated speeds. Typically we can coax 40% or more real world performance out of a processor, delivering tomorrow's performance today. MAINGEAR has been overclocking and tuning PCs for over a decade, and time after time we land at the top of the performance charts with some of the finest overclocking in the business.
MAINGEAR EPIC Liquid Cooling

Closed-loop liquid cooling brings reliability and performance to what used to be a modder's hobby. MAINGEAR was the first to ship a fully liquid cooled PC in 2002, and since then we've refined our products and are proud to offer the EPIC line of coolers, featuring a patented micro-fin cold-plate from CoolIT. With 50,000 hours MTBF and no messy refills to worry about, the EPIC 120 delivers where it counts.

Style Fused With Design

MAINGEAR Super Stock systems can be outfitted with a wide range of eye-catching aesthetics like automotive paint jobs or MAINGEAR's M.A.R.C. laser etching. Choose from over 200 color combinations of internal and external colors for a look that is distinctly yours.
Enhanced Performance, Innovative Components (EPIC)

MAINGEAR EPIC Research Labs is dedicated to creating and introducing enthusiast grade components and upgrades that fit the needs of the industry. With MAINGEAR Super Stock systems, you can get EPIC innovations standard or at reduced costs, including:

Yes, we truly mean liquid metal. The EPIC T1000 is the only phase change metal alloy thermal interface material on the market. And it's even winning Editor's Choice awards. Legit Reviews found it to perform 17% better than Arctic Silver 5. It's designed to fill the micro-asperities of a CPU lid and any imperfections in a cold plate to reduce the thermal resistance inevitably created in the transfer of heat. The EPIC T1000 is simply unrivaled in that regard.