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Incredibly Thin

Play all the games

Play with extreme graphics performance powered by NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 970M GPU and take advantage of NVIDIA Optimus graphics technology that delivers long battery life when you need it and maximum frame rates when you don’t. 1080p gaming at ultra-detail settings, your notebook will play all your games the way they were meant to be played.

Simply Beautiful

Do ALL The Work

Intel’s Core i7 4710MQ is not only a quad-core hyperthreaded beast, but it is also incredibly power efficient. Operating at up to 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0, this 22nm processor is the fourth generation in a venerable line of Core processors, and it is optimized for maximum battery life without sacrificing performance. Eight threads of processing power means this gaming book will deliver the power for any application from video editing to 3D design and engineering. Road warriors, we have your ultimate solution for work and play.

So Good, You’ll Want To Touch It

Let’s Not Forget The Details

A lit keyboard that’s fully customizable. An AMAZING sound stage featuring Sound Blaster Cinema Audio. A real network jack, and a Killer E2200 one to boot. Dual, independent fans for the CPU and GPU. Room for dual 256GB mSATA SSDs in RAID 0 for 512GB of blazing fast storage in addition to a spare 1TB mechanical drive for data and backup. The Pulse 15 is never short on convenience, performance, aesthetics, or cooling.

We’ve Got You Covered – Wirelessly

Featuring Intel’s 802.11ac adapter with unrivaled bandwidth for quickly transferring large files over the network.

HD Speakers by Soundblaster Cinema

Designed to bring the same great audio experience found in live performances, films, and recording studios.