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Diminutive Destroyer of Benchmarks

The X-Cube is a thing of wonder. A no-compromise, fully-featured high performance PC in a box about the size of a shoebox. All the power of our larger, award-winning desktops, the X-Cube still retains the ability to utilize powerful quad-core CPUs and multiple graphics configurations. All the while being cool and quiet.
Cool, quiet, and very cool

Unique ventilation draws in air from the sides and is exhausted through the graphics card, power supply, and a top-mounted fan - keep your system 100% even during intense computational activities.
All the connectivity

Instead of proprietary, expensive, and hard to replace components, the X-Cube utilizes full-sized hard drives (with SSD options), optical drives, and industry standard micro-ATX motherboards.

Small In Stature, Tall In Power

A wide range of technology is yours to choose from. Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors featuring HyperThreading, Turbo Boost, and a cool 32nm process. Or choose from AMD's innovative A-series APU that combines a traditional CPU and GPU into one single package. The choice is yours.

We count processors by the hundreds

Your GPU is a crucial part to everyday supercomputing. Featuring hundreds of parallel processors, the GPU shares the stage with the CPU in today's ever-evolving state of technology. No longer do you need a powerful graphics card just for playing games - greatly enhance your day to day computing by accelerating video editing, photo editing, transcoding video to your personal media player, and enjoying high definition multimedia.

Your Hard Drive. Silent. And Wicked Fast

SSDs - solid state drives - the latest advancement in hard drive technology. Your PC is only as fast as its slowest component - and with SSDs you're no longer facing an HDD bottleneck. With no moving parts, SSDs are a densely packed collection of memory modules, with capacity into the hundreds of gigabytes. Absolutely silent. They run cool, and last long. And you can put 12 of them in the Shift. No kidding.
Silky Smooth, Premium Memory by corsair

In MAINGEAR's quest to eliminate all performance bottlenecks, it's important that we partner with a memory company capable of keeping up with our overclocks and performance tweaks. Enter Corsair Memory, an award-winning producer of high performance custom memory modules. With memory speeds up to 2133MHz and beyond, and extremely low latencies, we’ll squeeze out every last bit of performance available by using Corsair Memory.

Large, multi-national computer manufacturers have commoditized the PC market by subsidizing their products with the installation of intrusive, third party software. They are paid to do this. This software bogs down your system and prevents it from running at its highest potential. It also has the tendency to make your system unstable or may conflict with software you wish to install. All MAINGEAR systems eschews these tactics as we believe that YOU are the customer, not a third party software provider. We build purebred PCs designed for performance and reliability, not billboards and advertisments.