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Maingear’s EPIC Audio Engine offers top flight pc audio.
Maingear’s EPIC Audio engine offers the best computer audio, improving whatever audio card you may already have in your system.
At MAINGEAR EPIC Research Labs, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate, explore, and test the latest technologies that enhance our products and offer you an unparalleled PC experience. We are dedicated to designing and building the most unique, high performance computers and backing it up with industry-leading support.
MAINGEAR EPIC Research Labs have enhanced the PC audio experience in the SHIFT and F131 with the highly anticipated EPIC Audio Engine. MAINGEAR has partnered with legendary pro audio technology brand, APHEX, as a licensee, to offer an exclusive audio enhancement that gamers, creative professionals, DJ’s and musicians will appreciate. By leveraging Aphex’s studio-grade processing technology in a custom designed solution intended for PCs, headphone audio output and microphone input will be unmatched by any solution in the industry. This unique technology harmonically brings pc audio to life without adding gain to deliver audio that’s more balanced, more articulated, and simply put, better sounding. Founded in 1975, Aphex is a leading manufacturer of high-quality dynamics and signal processing products for the professional audio, broadcast, fixed installation, M.I., touring-sound and home-recording markets. Aphex sells its products and licenses its technologies worldwide, providing the best computer audio to all corners of the world.
The MAINGEAR EPIC Audio Engine Powered by APHEX
The EPIC engine takes advantage of APHEX audio technology.
With EPIC Audio Engine, MAINGEAR offers a more immersive PC experience through enhanced sound. The studio-grade processing technology in a custom designed solution for PCs, headphone audio output and microphone input truly gives a more balanced and realistic audio experience.
For gamers and audiophiles, MAINGEAR understands that individual sounds or entire mixes are just as important as the performance of the process or graphics in a PC, the MAINGEAR EPIC PC audio engine bring out every detail, clarity and imaging that elevates sound without adding level. Gamers will be able to hear more of the game effects as well as clearer team communication for those team based games.
The Maingear/APHEX audio connection.
Your games will sound crisper and clearer with Maingear’s pc audio solution.
For vocals and spoken dialog, the EPIC audio Engine can dramatically increase intelligibility, great for shoutcasters, podcasters and audiophiles that gives a crisp audio that adds a strong presence and an enjoyable broadcast.
Hear every note and instrument
And for music lovers and DJs, it adds an extra punch and presence to the audio mixing or music creation. It adds an easier way to hear every sound, mix and presence and sparkle. The EPIC Audio is the best computer audio for breathing life into MP3s and other compressed files.
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