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At MAINGEAR EPIC Research Labs, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate, explore, and test the latest technologies that enhance our products and offer you an unparalleled PC experience. We are dedicated to designing and building the most unique, high performance computers and backing it up with industry-leading support.
MAINGEAR's EPIC T1000 is a whole new approach to high performance cooling. The MAINGEAR T1000 is a precision Engineered Thermal Interface (ETI) that is comprised of innovative Phase Change Metal Alloy. It deploys into all the surface micro-asperities on your CPU lid and heat sink in a way that traditional paste simply cannot. The result is the lowest resistance heat path of any thermal interface product available on the market.
The EPIC T1000 was designed for DIY enthusiasts and system builders alike. It allows you to reach maximum thermal conductivity with absolutely zero cure time found in thermal pastes. Because of this, you can quickly focus on reaching your maximum stable overclock without worrying about temperature fluctuations due to your TIM solution. And because the EPIC T1000 is an engineered solution, its performance is absolutely repeatable with no chance of over- or under-applying the right amount.
The ETI is held in place between a stiffener; making it easy to apply to the lid of your CPU. Once on, you attach your heat sink solution (solid contact only, no exposed heat pipes or circular bases) and start your system up. Then, following the included instructions, use a popular burn in program to "reflow" the EPIC T1000 by allowing the temperature to rise with the fan or pump disconnected. Once reflow has been achieved, you can plug your fan or pump back in, and you are ready to begin overclocking.
The results can be dramatic – up to several degrees cooler immediately compared to the common thermal paste sold in stores or pre-applied to aftermarket cooling solutions. And there's no cure time required. The EPIC T1000 is a perfect upgrade for your off the shelf cooler – Corsairs line of liquid cooling or Intel's and AMD's boxed liquid coolers are especially suited to the EPIC T1000. And of course you can get it applied to our EPIC line of coolers. But it works great with air coolers as well. Coolers like the Noctua D14 are a perfect example. The end result is that you'll reach higher overclocks, enjoy lower temperatures, and in some cases lower fan speeds resulting in lower noise
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