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At MAINGEAR EPIC Research Labs, we are constantly looking for ways to innovate, explore, and test the latest technologies that enhance our products and offer you an unparalleled PC experience. We are dedicated to designing and building the most unique, high performance computers and backing it up with industry-leading support.
At MAINGEAR we take heat seriously. Proper thermal management has allowed us to push the envelope in custom pc design. We’re able to push the highest overclocks, with the least amount of noise, and in a stable and reliable manner due to proper research and testing. Over the years we’ve used the latest in cooling technology. From high end air coolers, phase-change, thermo-electric, and the best in hand built watercooling loops, we’ve always stayed at the very edge of design.

The MAINGEAR EPIC line of closed-loop, maintenance free coolers were designed to take the very best of what we’ve learned over the years and combine them into the most effective solution for the consumer. This exclusive unique cooling solution design was developed in partnership with CoolIT. It is designed with a patented cold plate that allows the MAINGEAR SHIFT to cool better, quieter, and longer than the competition. .
EPIC: Enhanced Performance Innovative Components:
The MAINGEAR EPIC 180 is hands down the best closed loop liquid cooler on the market. And if you consider cost, reliability, and noise, we think it’s the best cooling solution, period. The SHIFT custom pc will have the option of selecting the EPIC 180, while the F131 gaming pc will sport the EPIC 140 and the Vybe will have the EPIC 120 cooling solutions respectively. All MAINGEAR EPIC liquid cooling systems are incredibility silent at idle, whisper quiet under load, and allow MAINGEAR custom built computers to be overclocked even more than ever.
Bigger is better
Maingear EPIC 180 Liquid CPU Cooler Review
"In the end it comes down to whether or not I feel that Maingear is doing right by themselves and their customers with the addition of the EPIC 180 to cool CPUs in their builds. I really have to say, yes, in every way. Not only is the head unit attractive to look at with the large red Maigear logo, aside from the two thin tubes running down the right side of the chassis, the rest of the EPIC 180 is hidden from sight. On their end, doing right by them, I feel they chose the right OEM in CoolIT to develop these units specifically for the Shift and Quantum Shift builds. For both their benefit and your piece of mind, the use of an AIO water cooling system takes away most issues associated with water cooling without the leaks and issues that come with it. On the customers end, they not only get a cooling system custom made for these cases, but one that can take everything an air cooler can without hogging up all the interior space or causing the stresses to the motherboard that most 1000 gram coolers deliver. Not only does it look good, put our mind at ease and offer terrific efficiency with the massive amount of surface area in the 180mm radiator, I definitely think this is the best choice with all considerations taken into account"
It’s not just the radiator that gets a boost in the MAINGEAR EPIC lineup. The cold plate and pump have been redesigned for quieter operation and lower thermal resistance while consuming only 1.2 watts. The patented cold plate designed by CoolIT utilizes micro-fin technology to increase the transfer of heat from the copper base to the liquid in the system. By increasing the fin density, the development of the split flow liquid path allowed the flow rate to stay up while keeping the pumping power low and the overall size of the pump/coldplate module extremely compact. And more efficient cooling means better overclocks, and we like that..
The exclusive MAINGEAR EPIC 180 CPU liquid cooling solution offers 20% increase in performance while maintaining fan speeds of less than 1,000 RPM

EPIC 180 CPU Liquid cooling has a patented cold plate Microfin technology design that allows maximum heat transfer between CPU and the cooling system

All EPIC cooling systems are built with a closed loop circuit design which requires no maintenance

The MAINGEAR EPIC cooling solutions are the quietest pumps in a closed loop solution on the market, allowing for even more overclocking without sacrificing acoustics

MAINGEAR EPIC cooling solutions offer greater results for less money
Because the majority of the weight (the radiator) is bolted to the chassis, the result is fewer shipping damage incidents. Many high-performance air coolers’ weight is way outside Intel’s spec, meaning those coolers are prone to becoming dislodged during shipping. Not so with MAINGEAR’s EPIC solutions.
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