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When you want performance-rich computing, look for the advanced Intel® microarchitecture that has revolutionized desktop and mobile PCs, workstations, and servers. This state-of-the-art technology with smart performance plus built-in visuals delivers a visibly better PC experience. The 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family innovative features have set new standards for energy efficiency and performance when compared to previous generation Intel® Core™ processors. Now, not only enjoy a seamless experience while surfing the Web, editing, or sharing videos but also do it in record time. Enjoy the extra time on your hands.

• The most flexible overclocking platform from Intel®

• Up to 6 Cores/12 Threads for amazing Parallel Computing
and massive Multi-Tasking

• 4 Channels of DDR3 at 1600MHz for extreme memory

• Largest cache size and the super low latency for quick
response times

• Intel® Turbo Boost™ 2.0 for power efficient performance

• 40 Lanes of PCIe Express Gen 2 for the highest possible
graphics bandwidth

• The richest I/O for best in class storage

• 15MB Intel® Smart Cache
Lower Latency Cache
Two load ports

• Power = 130W
Socket: LGA 2011

MAINGEAR EPIC CPU Liquid cooling solutions are the best solution for overclocking Intel’s Sandybridge E based systems to their maximum potential. The cold plate and pump have been redesigned for quieter operation and lower thermal resistance while consuming only 1.2 watts. The patented cold plate designed by CoolIT utilizes micro-fin technology to increase the transfer of heat from the copper base to the liquid in the system.