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The Most Intelligent Search Ever
Revolutionary search allows you to simply type in what you're looking for with immediate results showing any file or object on your PC or in your account, even including emails!
Cloud-connect with SkyDrive
25GB of cloud storage for your files. Get instant access to your music, movies, photos, or documents wherever you have internet access, and seamlessly access them across your Windows 8-enabled devices.
Modern UI
This bold, beautiful interface features Live Tiles, giving you instant updates on emails or social media interactivity. Completely customizeable, the Metro UI is a radical departure from 17 years of Windows design.
Personalized, cross-device Windows account
This intuitive roaming profile goes with you wherever you go – be it your desktop or Windows 8-enabled tablets and phones. Synchronize your settings and personalize your experience once and take it everywhere.
Windows 7, only better
MAINGEAR is excited about Windows 8! Behind the new look of Windows 8 is the rock-solid foundation you've come to expect from Windows 7. Immerse yourself in the exciting features of a new generation of PCs while enjoying the full power of Windows. In addition to the new look of the Start screen, Windows 8 incorporates the desktop that you're familiar with. Think of the desktop as one of the many apps you can run in Windows 8. In the desktop, you'll see all the settings, devices, and features you used in Windows 7—and you can run the desktop apps you ran in Windows 7, too.
Maingear’s new machines are optimized to run flight simulators.
File History
Never worry about lost files or folders. This update to Windows Backup checks for changes every hour to your pre-selected files and folders, making copies and giving you peace of mind.

Storage Spaces
Previously the realms of geeks and enthusiasts, you can easily pool data storage or setup RAID arrays without requiring any PC technical knowledge.

Reset and Refresh
No need to ever reinstall Windows 8, even if you get a virus. One-touch refresh will keep your files and personalization, the apps you've installed from the Windows Store, and reset the rest of the system to its original state. All in under 10 minutes.
Faster Performance
Boot up and shut down quickly. Resume from hibernate even faster. And a new scheduler delivers more intelligent performance for today's multi-core processors.
Familiar Desktop Environment Included
For all you die-hards, Microsoft has included the traditional desktop environment while you get used to the Metro UI, or need more flexibility in how you work.
Multi-Monitor Madness
Windows 8 delivers the best multi-monitor experience on the market. Get better edge-detection than Windows 7. Customize your Taskbar to have individual Task Bars on multiple displays. New keyboard shortcuts manage Windows 8-style apps in multiple displays, as well as supporting the Windows 7 shortcuts used for multiple displays. Snap windows or swap screens with a click of the keyboard. And have different backgrounds on different displays.