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MAINGEAR desktops features the all-new 8-core 5960X Intel Core i7 extreme edition processor that provides up to a 75% multi-thread performance increase over previous 4 -core processors. It is also the first unlocked desktop processor that supports up to 4 channel DDR4-2800 memory giving more overclock options for gamers and professional users for flawless gameplay and dramatically reduces editing time for RAW photos and HD videos.
Intel® Core™ i7 High End Desktop Processor Family (Codename: Haswell-E) features:
First Intel 8-Core Desktop Processor
•New Intel® Core™ i7 Processors on LGA 2011-v3 socket
•Support for 8-core and 6-core options
•New Intel® X99 Chipset with upgraded I/O capabilities
•First desktop platform to support DDR4 memory

Ultimate Platform for Multi-Thread Computing
•Up to 79% more multi-thread performance over 4 Core Platform
•Massive 16-thread performance and quad-channel memory for content creation and multi-tasking

Uncompromised Power for Gaming, Overclocking
•Up to 40 lanes of PCIe 3.0, enabling up to 4 discrete graphics cards
•Fully unlocked processors deliver tuning flexibility for additional performance headroom




Geekbench 3 Multicore

3D Mark FSX

The MAINGEAR Force offers the best fully liquid cooled high performance PC for those looking for the ultimate gaming experience with all settings cranked up to ultra.


• Premium cooling blocks for all components
• New chrome fittings
• Unbreakable PETG hard tubing
• Parallel cooling loops
• BiTurbo Dual pump system offering redundancy
• Low maintenance reservoir
• Two radiator – 480mm and 420mm
• Quiet high airflow fans
• With up to quad graphic card support from AMD or NVIDIA
• Up to 6 hard drives or 12 SSD
• Up to 64 GB of memory
• Hand painted automotive custom paint (available for interior and exterior)
• Customized pastel coolant options