As part of MAINGEAR’s exclusive boutique desktop partnership with RAZER, these official RAZER Edition Gaming PC’s offer our incredible hand-crafted build quality and support. The ultimate systems to pair with RAZER’s full line of gaming peripherals, and for gamers that demand the ultimate in performance. RAZER on the outside, MAINGEAR on the inside.

maingear r1 razer edition

Built from the inside-out with our industry-leading handcrafted quality, dedicated support, and record setting performance. The ultimate desktop with RAZER's design on the outside, and MAINGEAR's award-winning build quality on the inside.

Mid Size Tower

Supports 2X Graphics Cards

Only Available in Matte Black:

starting at
As low as $20/month

maingear r2 razer edition

The follow up to our incredibly popular R1, The R2 | RAZER Edition is over 30% smaller with best-in-class components. Designed in partnership with RAZER, to bring MAINGEAR’s award winning performance to a sleek small form factor desktop.

Small Form Factor

Supports 1X Graphics Cards

Only Available in Matte Black:

starting at
As low as $23/month

MAINGEAR’s custom desktop computers offer the latest CPU and GPU technologies and best-of-class cooling solutions. Whether you are looking for a high performance desktop for your highly intensive workflows or looking to render the latest video games in all their glory, MAINGEAR’s custom desktops are your solution. Get more information about our different lines of custom desktop computers above.

MAINGEAR Desktop Computer Systems-

We love building high performance computers, and we have put together seven models that offer computing power at whatever level you desire – gaming PCs, SteamOS powered Steamboxes, VR-ready systems, home PCs, you name it. These are custom desktop computers for people who know that the best desktops on the market aren't mass produced.

MAINGEAR's custom desktops have a number of advantages over the sort of computers you find at a Big Box chain. You can pick and choose the level of performance you want; instead of choosing between a handful of computers with distinct strengths and flaws, let us build a computer that reflects exactly what you want. Our team of technicians can help you select the components that suit your use case. MAINGEAR's computers are built to handle the computing you want to do – no more wondering if that loud whirring is the sound of your desktop about to explode. MAINGEAR PCs are intelligently designed to easily handle common computer issues like overheating.

Another advantage is that MAINGEAR allows you to choose what you want in your computer - you pick the parts, we'll put the computer together. MAINGEAR lets you choose your chassis, motherboard, graphics, GPU accelerator, hard drives, optical drives, speakers, and more. Customize your chosen desktop model to your heart's content, and sort through our expansive inventory to find the parts, pieces, and processors that work best for your budget and performance requirements.

MAINGEAR's custom desktops also don't overload you with bloatware and unnecessary out of the box programs. With a mass-produced computer you are faced with programs slowing down your computer before you've even start using it. MAINGEAR frees up your custom desktop for the actual computing you want and need to do.

Finally, one of the worst things about owning a preconfigured PC in many cases is dealing with terrible customer service when things go wrong. With MAINGEAR, you don't have that problem. If you have a question about one of our custom desktop computers, you will speak to someone who knows it inside out, and often someone who either designed or built the machine.

If you're looking for a custom desktop or gaming desktop PC that offers the highest quality performance and leaves other desktops and their problems behind, choose a MAINGEAR. You won't regret leaving your run-of-the-mill PC behind.