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Powerful processors

The Vybe features Intel's full lineup of processors. Choose from Intel’s 4th generation Core architecture or latest generation 6-core Extreme Edition processors, and select our Redline Overclocking option to push them even further.

More configuration options
than you can count

Vybe Glasurit Paint Jobs

A pixel tapestry

Similarly, the Vybe can deliver excellent performance in gaming from affordable single card solutions, all the up to three of the most powerful, class-leading performers from NVIDIA and AMD in SLI and CrossFire configurations, perfect for 4K surround gaming.

The finest storage solutions

SSDs – solid state drives – they make your system feel fast. And that’s because they’re infinitely faster retrieving data in the ways that allow your PC to boot up fast, start applications faster, and load levels before your competition. But hey, we still offer those large mechanical drives that you’ll always want to store your music, movies, photos, and other data.

Silky smooth, premium memory by corsair.

In MAINGEAR’s quest to eliminate all performance bottlenecks, it’s important that we partner with a memory company capable of keeping up with our overclocks and performance tweaks. Enter Corsair Memory, an award-winning producer of high performance custom memory modules. With memory speeds up to 2400MHz and beyond, and extremely low latencies, we’ll squeeze out every last bit of performance available by using Corsair Memory.