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Seamless Performance A/V Component Blending.

The Axess HD and HD Pro Gamer are gorgeous additions to your A/V equipment. Designed to seamlessly blend in your other components, this elegant brushed aluminum enclosure features acrylic accents and hidden front panel access ports.

Optimized Airflow.

The entire design stays cool by intaking fresh air from beneath the unit and exhausting it out the back and sides - keeping your components cool and your computing experience quiet.

Integrated I/O.

An integrated IR receiver and Organic LED readout put the final touches on one of the most unique home theater computers on the market.

And plenty of storage.

Up to four full sized hard drives can easily be installed in the Axess HD, allowing for up to 8 terabytes of storage. That's 3200 hours of HDTV.

crank it up.

The Axess HD features on-board, high definition surround sound. Optional Auzentech, audiophile quality discrete audio solutions are also available for the discerning buyer.  Complemented with HDCP-compliant HDMI out, and you're in for a spectacular visual and auditory treat.

blu is the new black.

The Axess HD handles Blu-ray high definition content with ease, delivering the best visuals possible out of any consumer electronics device.  Furthermore, spice up your standard definition library with ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 3, which utilizes NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream technology to upscale your DVD movies to full, 1080p resolution, while improving the visual fidelity of the picture.

TV, your way, anyway, anywhere.

With Windows 7 Media Center, you can watch and record high definition TV - and play it back anywhere in the world on another Windows 7 device.  With a full electronic program guide, you can schedule recordings easily - and by easily we mean you'll hate your cable company for that digital cable box you had to put up with for all those years.  Cable TV not your thing?  We've got you covered.  With services like Hulu and Netflix on-demand, along with Microsoft's own InternetTV technologies, there's plenty of free, and we mean FREE, content at the touch of your fingers.


By utilizing up to 5 XBOX 360 consoles around your house and connected to your network, you can stream TV, movies, pictures, and audio simultaneously around your house.  No more arguing about who gets to watch what

Large, multi-national computer manufacturers have commoditized the PC market by subsidizing their products with the installation of intrusive, third party software. They are paid to do this. This software bogs down your system and prevents it from running at its highest potential. It also has the tendency to make your system unstable or may conflict with software you wish to install. All MAINGEAR systems eschews these tactics as we believe that YOU are the customer, not a third party software provider. We build purebred PCs designed for performance and reliability, not billboards and advertisments.

Seamless Performance A/V Component Blending.

The Axess HD and HD Pro Gamer are gorgeous additions to your A/V equipment. Designed to seamlessly blend in your other components, this elegant brushed aluminum enclosure features acrylic accents and hidden front panel access ports.

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February 1, 2009
Axess-HD: computer shopper
“Along with the search for the perfect gaming machine, one of the other Holy Grails of personal computing is the quest for a home theater PC that actually fulfills the full potential of its genre. Maingear has always raised the bar on that goal, and it may have brought us as close as current hardware and software allow with its latest iteration of the Axess HD.

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May 1, 2008
Axess-HD: computer shopper
“Maingear has a unique solution to the problem of moving a PC into your living room: Forget that it's a computer. Sure, it can handle the usual productivity and Internet chores, but why not stay focused on the Axess HD's ability to compete with Denon, Marantz, or Spectral as a design component in your media rack?

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While we've solved a vast majority of PCs, hardware, and software issues over the years, there will always be a few inevitable setbacks we face. Until we figure out how to build a perpetual sustaining machine, consumer electronics will have a shelf life. Sometimes, bad batches of components make it through the line and end up in our hands. It may seem they function perfectly at the moment, but their life span is unpredictably short. And let's face it, when your system suffers problems, you will feel frustrated and helpless. That's how MAINGEAR stands apart from other companies. We work closely with vendors to catch these anomalies, often times with customer feedback, and get the updated firmware or replacements needed get our systems running at their expected performance as quickly as possible. We appreciate you beyond just a customer and stand behind the quality product we have designed. There's a basic tenet of project management we adhere to: design quality in so you don't have to inspect it later. All of our products are well thought out, well researched, well tested, and leave our facilities with confidence, and if this downtime occurs with your machine, just know that we will not abandon you.

These are the promises we make to you.

1. You will never speak to anyone that works on commission. And those who you do speak to about a purchase will have built systems for us, or will be current technicians, engineers, and support personnel. You'll never get better advice than from these employees.

2. You will never be oversold. If we think you may be spending more money than you should for your needs, we'll advise you of ways to save money. Conversely, if we think you may not have configured a PC for the performance you're looking for, we'll let you know about that, too. But we'll never pressure you.

3. For the first 30 days of ownership, we will pay 2-way shipping of your system should a problem arise.

4. You will never have to pay for phone support or labor for the lifetime of the system. There are actually companies that make you pay for this after 90 days.

5. At our discretion, we'll engage a 3rd party service to provide on-site service at no additional cost.

6. We'll always replace any failed components in your PC with something that is at least equal in performance and features if we are no longer able to acquire the original part.

7. At your request, we will employ our virtual on-site, hardware-based remote diagnostic technology to fix any quirky software issues you may have. And we'll record it if you wish to reference it later, or to ensure your privacy concerns. This perfect blend of pre- and post- sales support and service make up MAINGEAR™ SERVICE. It's the foundation of our success and the key to our future growth. We feel it's important to make this information front and center.

Starting at $1199.00


  • AMD Athlon and Phenom Processors
  • 880G chipset with Universal Video Decoder
  • Premium Radeon HD 4290 graphics
  • Up to 8TB of storage
  • CableCARD compatible design (sold separately)
  • Your media, your way, your gear.

Starting at $1199.00


  • Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors
  • H55 chipset with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
  • HDMI out – bitstreaming audio
  • Up to 8TB of storage
  • CableCARD compatible design (sold separately)
  • Step it up to high performance!

Starting at $1776.99


  • High performance Intel Core i7 options
  • USB 3.0, SATA 6G
  • SLI and CrossFire options
  • Up to 8TB of storage
  • CableCARD compatible design (sold separately)
  • Incredible 1080P PC gaming from the couch!