The Ultimate All In One Gaming Experience and the worlds first AIO PC featuring 8 core Intel extreme edition, and 18 core Xeon processors.

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Introducing the Alpha 34

The Best of Everything

A beautiful curved ultra HD display, a full small form factor pc, a real power supply, and a full sized graphics card
all brought together in an elegant design you will be proud to have on your desk.

Unrivaled Performance

Forget what you know about AIO PC ’s. Instead of the typical under-powered mobile hardware most AIO PC's offer, the ALPHA 34 sports the power of a full desktop PC including support for desktop gaming and workstation graphics cards, and offers the un-compromised performance MAINGEAR is known for.

Surround Yourself

The gorgeous 34 ” curved ultra HD display will fill your senses and bring to life your games like you have never experienced before. Its immersive curved design inspired by the natural curvature of the human eye, brings the most comfortable and pleasurable viewing experience imaginable.

Don't Be Left Behind

Unlike the "gaming" AIO's before its time, the ALPHA 34 is fully upgradable: no need to worry about obsolescence or falling behind the technology race.. It uses standard sized components, and can be easily modified to keep you gaming for years to come. With support for additional external monitors as well, the ALPHA 34 can be adapted to any setup.

Cool, Calm, Collected

The MAINGEAR ALPHA 34 joins the latest in advanced cooling technologies with the best performing hardware available to elevate your computing experience. With options for maintenance- free closed looped liquid cooling, the ALPHA will stay cool and quiet under the most stressful situations.

The Ultimate All In One Gaming Experience

The Alpha 34 is the worlds first AIO PC featuring 8 core Intel extreme edition, and 18 core Xeon processors.

Beyond Gaming

With support for the latest Intel Xeon processors and workstation class graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, the ALPHA 34 is capable of running the most demanding applications. From Adobe's Creative Suite to Autodesk's full line of professional software, the ALPHA 34 is a great choice for a creative professional looking for the best all in one solution available.

Ultimate Burnout

Get the most out of your system by going REDLINE! Our factory tested overclocking service allows you to gain even more power from your system by safely pushing the limits on our CPUs and GPUs to their maximum potential.

Entertainment Hub

With multiple external video inputs and picture in picture capability, the ALPHA 34 is the perfect central hub for you entertainment needs. Connect your favorite console or cable box, and have every media source in one convenient place.

Flexible Design

With an adjustable and beautiful all metal stand, and an included VESA mount adapter, the ALPHA 34 will fit perfect into any environment.

Extreme Processing Power

Featuring the latest processors from Intel, the ALPHA 34 can be customized with Intel’s Extreme Edition Haswell-E and new Skylake unlocked processors, all with the ability to be overclocked. It also supports Intel's entire line of professional Xeon E5 processors for the best performance in the most demanding applications.

Full Sized Desktop Graphics

Take your performance to a whole new level with spectacular graphics options from both NVIDIA® and AMD®. All ALPHA 34 custom systems include NVIDIA graphics up to the NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX TITAN X and AMD® Radeon™ R9 390x graphics cards as well a wide selection of professional workstation graphics cards.

Super Charged Storage and Memory

The MAINGEAR ALPHA 34 offers incredibly fast storage options with the our latest addition of Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVME SSDs, with speeds of up to 2.5GB/s Read speeds. Additionally, memory options allow for up to 32GB of premium Kingston® DDR4 memory.

Upgradable FULL HD USB Web Cam

Whether you're chatting with friends or streaming your favorite games online, the ALPHA's dual microphone upgradable USB webcam will let you be seen and heard with excellent clarity.

So Good, You’ll Want To Touch It

MAINGEAR uses auto-quality finish paint, the same that goes onto the likes of Porsche and BMW.

Luxury Auto-Quality Paint Finish in any Custom Color.

All of our paint is applied in-house at MAINGEAR. While others may send their product out to third parties to apply sub-standard paint jobs, at MAINGEAR we take paint so seriously we built our own in-house team utilizing the only finest in automotive paints and premium hardware. To top it off, our staff has over 30 years individual experience in painting the world’s super cars and hot rods – meaning your system shares a thing or two with the finest automobiles in the world aside from just raw horsepower.

Designed in the USA
Lifetime USA Support
Free Labor
72 Hour Testing

Lifetime Service and Support

Every MAINGEAR system comes with a standard 1 year warranty with the option of an upgrade to a 2 or 3 Year. MAINGEAR Service is a premium blend of common sense options to keep your system running smooth and to keep you a happy customer. This means on-line resources, virtual on-site remote desktop support, US-based telephone support, and even an on-site option (at our discretion on a case by case basis - United States and Canada ONLY!) We'll even cover shipping both ways for the first thirty days in North America. Just another way we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

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All MAINGEAR systems are hand built and supported in the US. As an Elite member of reseller rating with a score of 9.9 out of 10 and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, MAINGEAR service and support continues to be recognized with excellence in customer satisfaction. Our expertise with our customer’s is demonstrated in helping them customize, setup, and support when needed.

Zero Bloatware

MAINGEAR systems have ZERO Bloatware installed. We do not offer any 3rd party software that can make your system unstable or may conflict with software you wish to install unless selected. At MAINGEAR, we build PCs designed for the best performance, reliability and longevity that fit your needs.

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pay as low as $47 / month
  • Intel Skylake 4 Core Processors
  • Gaming Graphics Card
  • Supports Overclocking
  • Dual Channel DDR4 Ram
  • Recommended for Performance Gaming


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pay as low as $64 / month
  • Intel Broadwell-E 6-10 Core Processors
  • Gaming Graphics Card
  • Dual Channel DDR4 Ram
  • Recommended for
    Enthusiast Gaming


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pay as low as $66 / month
  • Intel Xeon and Haswell-E 6-8 Core Processors
  • Workstation or Gaming Graphics Card
  • Dual Channel DDR4 Ram
  • Recommended for

Technical Specifications

Alpha 34 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions of the MAINGEAR Alpha 34

What sized components will the Alpha 34 support?

The ALPHA 34 supports standard Mini-Itx motherboards, full sized desktop graphics cards, 2.5 inch HDD's and SSD's, and desktop UDIMM memory.

Can the ALPHA 34 be used as a stand alone monitor/tv?

Yes, the ALPHA 34 included videos inputs and picture in picture capability to support being used as a stand alone display.

Is the ALPHA 34 VESA compatible?

Yes, included with every system is a standard VESA Mount Adapter.

Can the Alpha 34 be painted?

Yes! The back of the Alpha 34 chassis comes in an array of different colors; you can even opt to select a custom color scheme that fits any décor. Now available in our new 2016 colors and MATTE auto finish which is designed to help eliminate fingerprints. In addition, all of our paint is applied in-house at MAINGEAR at our custom paint shop.